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Last revised as of  3/1/03

 Please read this page completely and understand it before downloading any graphics on this site. All graphics on this site are my own work and are NOT public domain/freeware or shareware.  
The following applies to personal sites, non-profit sites, as well as profit sites. Remember copyright infringement  is against the law.
When you download anything from this site, you are entering into a agreement whether you read the terms of use or not. These rules are to have been read understood before removing anything from this site. 

Although permission is granted to you to use Halley Creative graphics in accordance to the terms as stated on this page, Halley Creative will continue to retain all copyrights and ownership to all its graphics and can change/add to the terms of use at any time.

If I come across your webpage and the graphics are altered/no link, I will send a warning email and if that is not answered & the graphics not corrected, I will directly contact your website service provider (i.e.- AOL, Tripod, & Geocities). Website providers do not take lightly instances of plagiarism and copyright infringement and they WILL shut your site down if you will not accommodate my very reasonable requests.

DO NOT ALTER THESE GRAPHICS IN ANYWAY. This means resized, create banners, awards, tubes, sig-tags, skins, add text to, change color, reword, create new graphics with etc. If u need something changed email me to do it. 

DO NOT just copy and paste to your web page from mine i.e. direct link, example -----> 
<img src="http://websiteaddress/folderfortheirgraphics/nameofimage.gif">. Getting graphics on your page this way steals  bandwidth (resources it takes to load a graphic/page from a server to your computer), and will cause this site to shut down.  You must download the graphic by right clicking over the graphic and pointing to save as or save picture as on the drop down menu and saving it to your computer

DO NOT copy my graphics (plagiarize) or create similar ones in their likeness.

DO NOT sell the graphics on your site, on a graphic disk, made into something and sold (t-shirts, business cards, books, cards, quilts, crafts etc.) for ANY reason without my permission.

 DO NOT Use my graphics for mass distribution in programs, E-groups, mailing lists newsgroups, E-cards/ICQ greetings, CD's/disks, banners, stationary, business cards, business or any sort of graphics/background/archives collections (Do not give them away), download my graphics to a zip. file, card shop etc. On or off the internet without the sole permission of me.

DO NOT  offer my graphics as your own works. Use them for needle work or cross stitch patterns. 

 DO NOT send or use my graphics in your e-mails. It is impossible to know where they originated from after being passed around, therefore this is not permitted. No exceptions.

DO NOT use my graphics on a business, commercial or profit web site without a license agreement.

YOU CAN use the graphics for decoration of non-profit, web pages/sites on the internet. Non-business, web pages/sites on the internet. Non-commercial, unless payment (selling anything on your site means it is considered commercial) web pages/sites on the internet and non-graphic collections pages/sites on the internet. All family friendly websites only of course. I would like to see what your site looks like, so send a link my way!

YOU MUST right click on the graphic and save it to your own hard drive then link back to this site by placing a graphic link or text link somewhere visible on EVERY page you place a graphic on. Not on a separate links/credit page on your site. Do not link directly to the graphics (web TV users included).


YOU MUST place a no right click java script on the family friendly pages you are placing the graphics on

YOU MUST use the graphics as a whole set as it was intended on a page. No alteration is permitted


website copyright 2003 Halley Creative. All rights reserved world wide.