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I hope this page will help answer some of your questions. If you have a question that is not answered here feel free to email me.


How can I use your graphics since they are copyrighted.  
By having a copyright on my graphics, this means they are my original creations and I retain rights to them. You may use them, if you give proper credit with a link to my website to yours.  The graphics are not to be placed in a graphic collection, resold, altered in anyway etc see
terms of use for more info. They are not to be used without a proper link back, either text example - "Graphics by" or a graphic logo which can be obtained here.

I am a website designer and would like to use your graphics on a site.
Check the pricing page for pre-made work and email me regarding custom work

Can I use some of your graphics on a school project/decorate room/dorm.
You may use my graphics for any project that is non-profit.  

How do I download the graphics from your site? 
Download graphics you want to your own computer and then upload them to your servers (i.e. tripod, geocities, your etc.) Right click on the graphic and then click on "save as" or "save image as" on the drop down menu and save it to your own computer.

How can I link to your graphics using  webtv? 
Sorry, you cannot direct link, example, <img src=
"http://websiteaddress/folderfortheirgraphics/nameofimage.gif"> This steals bandwidth (resources it takes to load a graphic/page from a server to your computer). You will have to find sites on the web that will tell you how to do it another way.

Do I need to ask permission before using your graphics?
If you are using my graphics on a personal/family friendly web site I would like to a link to see what your page looks like.  A link back must be placed on each page the graphics are used.

If you are a commercial web site wishing to use the graphics then payment is necessary for their use.  Check out the pricing page for more information.

How do I place a link to your web site from my page?
You can go to the logo page and download a logo graphic by right clicking and pointing to "save as" on the drop down menu. You can also place a text graphic "Graphics/Some graphics by"


All graphics copyright 2003 Halley Creative. All rights reserved world wide